Why create sponsorKit?

MMi receives a high number of requests to look for sponsorship from racing teams, drivers and riders. As we cannot always look on everyone’s behalf, we have decided to offer many of the tools that we use to help in the search for sponsors.

Can anyone use sponsorKit?

Yes, but it is particularly well suited to drivers and riders starting their careers in motorsport who do not already have dedicated marketing resources available. sponsorKit brings together all the appropriate tools used in the sponsorship searching process so that they are readily available to begin the process of looking for sponsorship.

Can I update sponsorKit?

Yes! Each document is designed in such as way that you can edit, personalize and update any of the component parts provided you have the appropriate software to do it. Each sponsorKit includes the original graphic source files and copies in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word format. If you would rather not update the sponsorKit, MMi can supply updates as required for small additional fees. In particular MMi can provide simple sponsor graphics that you can insert into your sponsorKit proposals.

What information do you need to get started?

We need as much information as possible about you, your career and your racing ambitions. We’d like a copy of your CV and any photos that you have of your racing career and any artwork if you have a logo that you would like to use. Additional information that you may have received from your series or team is extremely useful as are any graphics of your racing car or racing bike and any general photos that we are free to use.

Can you look for sponsorship for me?

MMi is always happy to consider looking for sponsorship for new clients. However it is naturally difficult to look on behalf of everyone that approaches us. Let us know a little about you and your racing aspirations and then we can see whether we can help each other.

How quickly can I get a sponsorKit?

The average time to create a full package is about three weeks from receipt of initial information. However, there are times when we can work more quickly if you have a pressing requirement to deliver a presentation!

I already have a sponsorship presentation and web site, but can you just do a proposal for me?

Yes we are happy to work on individual proposals and these are priced accordingly depending on content and time.