2. Proposal

The proposal element of sponsorKit is designed to be used after the initial sponsorship presentation has been received. This document is used to make a specific request for sponsorship from a potential sponsor. As such it needs to be tailored to the specific marketing objectives and requirements of the sponsor and provide details of the potential benefits sponsorship can bring. It also usual to include a formal financial proposal with sponsor-related graphics. A typical proposal is between 12 and 20 pages long and includes the following areas:

Introduction & Objectives
The Sponsor & Racing
Sponsor Benefits
Driver/Rider Details
Formal Proposal
Sponsorship Levels & Brand Identification
Proposal Graphics
Marketing Rights

A proposal should be personalized to a potential sponsor. Personalized items such as details of the proposal, their objectives, the specific benefits they can expect to receive and sponsor graphics and need to be included. For this reason the proposal in sponsorKit is a fully editable template that requires final completion by the user.

MMi recognize that not everyone has the resources necessary to update and amend the proposal template and so offer a personalization service for proposals and charge a flat fee for each sponsor proposal. This means that once the first sponsorKit is created, clients are able to phone or email MMi with specific details about a sponsor and then receive a personalized proposal by return.