There are elements of the sponsorKit proposal document that require further completion on an individual sponsor basis. Areas such as sponsor objectives, benefits, proposal and graphics need to be included for each sponsor For this reason the proposal in sponsorKit is a fully editable template that requires final completion by the user.

MMi also recognize that not everyone has the resources necessary to update and amend the proposal template.

MMi therefore offers a personalization service for proposals which means that once the first sponsorKit is created, clients are able to phone or email MMi with specific details about a sponsor and then receive a personalized proposal by return. The costs to do this are as follows:

Individual sponsor graphics: £15 ex VAT per graphic.

Graphics can include side, plan, front and rear profiles of a car or bike, driver uniform and helmet, rider leathers and helmet, team transportation vehicles, team clothing, etc.

Proposal personalization: £55 ex VAT per sponsor.

Includes personalizing text content such as objectives and benefits and including a sponsor graphic.

Additional Items

sponsorKit provides the basic marketing tools used to look for sponsorship. However some of these elements can be enhanced or added to depending on individual requirements. MMI therefore supply additional components that can be integrated with sponsorKit as needed:

Printed Documents

Presentations and proposals printed in colour and comb-bound.

Personalized Sponsor Graphics

To be incorporated into the proposal element of sponsorKit.

Printed DVD’s

Including personalized printed DVD’s and cases.

Multimedia Presentations

Interactive presentations for use on computers.


Accurate artwork with sponsor graphics.

On-line Teaser Presentations

Linking to your sponsorship website.

Racing Web Sites

Featuring user updateable photo galleries and news areas using the latest internet technologies.