sponsorKit - motorsport presentations

sponsorKit is a unique marketing tool that can be used in the search for motorsport sponsorship. sponsorKit consists of a collection of high quality marketing materials that have been professionally produced to help in the process of securing sponsorship. Each sponsorKit is personalised and contains content that is relevant and specific to an individual team, driver, rider and series, etc. The package is completely flexible, editable and re-useable and is supplied in different formats to suit individual circumstances. sponsorKit has been designed to provide drivers, riders and teams with their own marketing resource and serves as an ideal platform from which to start the search for sponsorship.

sponsorKit is particularly well suited to those starting out in motorsport who do not yet have their own marketing resources. The package offers a cost effective way of approaching potential sponsors and is designed to work in tandem with other available marketing materials that are supplied by teams, agencies and championships. sponsorKit can be used in any category of racing including karting, single seaters, saloon cars and motorcycle racing.

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